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GAYMAR 200 T Pump Patient Warmer For Sale
This listing is for a Gaymar 200 Solid State T Pump. ..
0.00 руб.
GAYMAR 3146 Patient Warmer For Sale
Gaymar Thermacare Connective Warmer model 3146. Good working and cosmetic condition. on rolling ..
37519.20 руб.
GAYMAR 7900 Medi Therm Patient Warmer For Sale
Gaymar 7900 Medi Therm Hypothermia Machine Excellent Condition - Biomed tested and Patient Ready..
187596.00 руб.
GAYMAR AFP-255 AirFlo Pump Lymphedema For Sale
Gaymar AFP255 Airflo Pump: VENDOR DESCRIPTION ________________________________________ Gayma..
7034.85 руб.
GAYMAR AFP-45 Airflo Pump For Sale
We have added this useditem to the parts and repair category, even though it may power on be..
6096.40 руб.
GAYMAR CL212 SPR Plus II Sof Care Bed Cushion 6 Pack For Sale
We are offering for sale (1) 6 Pack case of Gaymar SPR Plus II Sof-Care Bed Cushion. Model: CL2..
4643.00 руб.
GAYMAR CLP1000 For Sale
This unit is a GAY MAR CLP1000 Clini-Dyne Mattress pump in good cosmetic condition. This unit po..
5862.38 руб.
GAYMAR FW600 w/TUBING Patient Warmer For Sale
2 units available. Both come with 1 box of 10 new tubing sets ..
18759.60 руб.
GAYMAR HP7010 BLANKET Hypothermia Unit For Sale
The hypothermia blanket is new in package. The blanket measure 64" x 25". Made of heavy duty reu..
11724.75 руб.
GAYMAR Medi Therm II MTA 5900 Patient Warmer For Sale
GAYMAR Medi Therm II MTA-5900 Patient Warming System These are used units that power on and ap..
10552.28 руб.
GAYMAR Medi-Therm Hypothermia Unit For Sale
This listing is for a Gaymar Medi Therm Hypothermia Unit Medi-Therm. We currently have one in st..
0.00 руб.
GAYMAR Medi-Therm II Hypothermia Unit For Sale
We have a Hypothermia system by GAYMAR available. For more details, please contact us. ..
0.00 руб.
GAYMAR Medi-Therm III Patient Warmer For Sale
Gaymar Medi-Therm III MTA6900 Hyper/Hypothermia System ..
0.00 руб.
GAYMAR Medi-Therm MTA 4700 Hypothermia Unit For Sale
Gaymar Medi-Therm MTA 4700 Hyper Hypothermia System. Includes hose. We have 2 in stock. Make m..
23215.01 руб.
GAYMAR Meditherm Hypothermia Unit For Sale
This unit where just pulled from service We are a used medical equipment wholesaler. We do no..
6049.97 руб.
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