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COLIN BP-8800C NIBP / SPO2 Testers For Sale
52139 Colin BP-8800C Press-Mate NIBP Monitor ..
1829.06 руб.
COLIN BP-8800MS BP Monitor For Sale
Colin Pressmate BP-8800MS Sphygmomanometer/Contact for more information & payment options ..
1875.49 руб.
COLIN BP-8800MSP Monitor For Sale
Press-Mate Blood Pressure Monitor: Date of Mfr.:NAIncludes: BP Hose Cart ** Plea..
9145.31 руб.
COLIN BP-S510 Bedside Monitor For Sale
COLIN BP-S510 Patient Monitor ..
0.00 руб.
COLIN BP-S510 Bedside Monitor For Sale
COLIN BP-S510 Bedside Monitor ..
0.00 руб.
COLIN BP88 Finger Sensor Oximeter - Pulse For Sale
These sensors are brand new. Fit a Colin BP88. ..
3517.43 руб.
COLIN BPS510 Monitor For Sale
The BP-S510 has a sophisticated look and provides high usability with the patented Colin..
204010.65 руб.
COLIN CBM 3000 ECG unit For Sale
COLIN CBM-3000 PATIENT ECG MONITOR: VENDOR DESCRIPTION Colin CBM-3000 Patient Monitor is a non-i..
27904.91 руб.
Colin Arm single tube BP cuff 3 in stock ..
1172.48 руб.
Colin CO430012A cuff 2 tube with connector 8 in stock New in sealed bag ..
1125.58 руб.
COLIN M20C-1 Monitor For Sale
Small and functional, the MS20 vital signs monitor is a compact device well suited for portable ..
131879.99 руб.
COLIN M30 Monitor For Sale or Rent
Colin M30 multi-parameter patient monitor for sale at a significant discount. This monitor has n..
0.00 руб.
COLIN M8000A ECG unit For Sale
Colin M8000A multi-parameter patient monitor is factory new. Colin M8000A Multi-Parameter Patie..
144824.11 руб.
COLIN M9000A ECG unit For Sale
Colin M9000A multi-parameter patient monitor is factory new. Colin M9000A Multi-Parameter Patie..
151858.96 руб.
COLIN M9500 ECG unit For Sale
Colin M9500 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor is factory new. Colin M9500 Multi-Parameter Patient..
158893.81 руб.
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