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ADC 2100 Oximeter - Pulse For Sale
NEW ADC Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. Comes with 2 Year Warranty ..
4643.00 руб.
ADC 320 Tape scissors Tape Drives For Sale
Tape scissors : Stainless Pakistan ** Please reference item #130725-5293-20 when contacting us..
0.00 руб.
ADC ADAC C-Arm Table For Sale
ADAC Fluroscopy table ..
93563.51 руб.
ADC Diagnostix Oximeter Oximeter - Pulse For Sale
Reads SpO2 and Pulse Rate Accuracy: SpO2 ..
3751.92 руб.
ADC Laryngoscope For Sale
ADC Laryngoscope Set With Rusch Blades Mil 0, Mil 1, And Mil 2 ..
1758.71 руб.
ADC Microstar For Sale
Drive Motor: ** Please reference item #101104-5512-14 when contacting us about this listing. ..
18759.60 руб.
ADC unknown Ophthalmoscope For Sale
ADC handheld Oto/Ophthalmoscope. ADDITIONAL PICTURES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST We are a used me..
16414.65 руб.
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