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AMERICAN OPTICAL / AO 860 Microtome For Sale
Refurbished AO (American Optical) 860 Microtome with Warranty Call for Pricing (Price based on..
0.00 руб.
AMERICAN OPTICAL / AO 860 Microtome Wanted
AO (AMERICAN OPTICAL) 860 SLIDING MICROTOME WANTED May consider other models. Please provide ..
0.00 руб.
ao spencer duo head microscope with 10x 40x,100x objectives and mechanical stage ..
9145.31 руб.
AMERICAN OPTICAL 1031 Microscope Illuminator For Sale
American Optical Corp. Illuminator Spencer model 1031/ Contact for more information or to make o..
16414.65 руб.
AMERICAN OPTICAL 11082 Lensometer For Sale
We have this Lensometer by American optical Model No. 11082 Serial No. AR20982 Good working cond..
9379.80 руб.
AMERICAN OPTICAL 11082 Project Chart For Sale
Product Detail: Vendor AO/American Optical Company Item Project-O-Chart with Slides & Sta..
10552.28 руб.
AMERICAN OPTICAL 11082 Project-o-char For Sale
List $195 Dotmed your choice $130 (1) 53713 green on stand (4) 53859 (1) 53917 30 day warranty..
3751.92 руб.
AMERICAN OPTICAL 11082 Projector For Sale
This is for a AO 11082 Ophthalmic Projector. It does includes slide, base mount and power cord. ..
9145.31 руб.
AMERICAN OPTICAL 1112 Microscope For Sale
American Optical 1112 - Student Teacher stand in good physical condition. ..
0.00 руб.
AMERICAN OPTICAL 1130 Illumination Microscope For Sale
American Optical 1130 Illumination One-Ten Microscope. Eye Piece 15x W.F., Eye Piece 10x W.F., ..
21104.55 руб.
AMERICAN OPTICAL 11360 Lensometer For Sale
This American Optical Lensometer 11360 is in operating condition. ..
0.00 руб.
AMERICAN OPTICAL 11580 Slitlamp For Sale
AO Slit Lamp in an Excellent Condition! (more pictures provided via e-mail upon request). Manufa..
23449.50 руб.
AMERICAN OPTICAL 11665 Slitlamp For Sale
AO 11665 Slit Lamp - Powers on and bulb works - (2) hand adjusting - Up and down adjustment is ..
15242.18 руб.
AMERICAN OPTICAL 11665 Slitlamp For Sale
In stock. American Optical 11665 Slit Lamp on stand. Very good condition. Ready to ship today. ..
70114.01 руб.
AMERICAN OPTICAL 11666 AO Slit Lamp Slitlamp For Sale
Americal Optical AO Slit Lamp on Working Condition ..
32782.40 руб.
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