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HAMILTON A00889 Surgical Sink For Sale
2 Hamilton, Scrub unit sinks, Serial# A00889 and A00884, Part# 950S936. GL will provide tailgate..
0.00 руб.
HAMILTON Ballard 450 Surgical Sink For Sale
Ballard 450 double scrub brush Gremed 450 double scrub brush. 1 case has 10 sleeves. Each sle..
8394.92 руб.
HAMILTON Bell Centrifuge For Sale
This unit was in good working condition when pulled from service. We are a used medical equipme..
3517.43 руб.
HAMILTON Gremed/Ballard 402 Surgical Sink For Sale
Gremed # 402 Iodophor scrub solution. Ballard # 402 Iodophor surgical scrub solution. 12 bot/ca..
0.00 руб.
HAMILTON Gremed/Ballard 403 Surgical Sink For Sale
Gremed/Ballard # 403 CHG 4% surgical scrub solution. 12 bot/case ..
0.00 руб.
Lot of 23 Hamilton Stainless Steel Mayo Stands - Trays not included These are used stands that ..
9379.80 руб.
HAMILTON Micro lab 400 Diluter For Sale
This Liquid Diluter dispensers where pulled from working service, and come with all you see in t..
5862.38 руб.
HAMILTON Needles For Sale
List of Needles SGE International PTY LTD (4) Yale Sympathetic nerve needle (9) Lemmon Needle i..
23449.50 руб.
HAMILTON RK600/EC600A Hypothermia Unit For Sale
Manufacturer: American HAMILTON Medical System (division of American Hospital supply Corp) Mode..
11724.75 руб.
HAMILTON Safeaire II Fume/Bio Safety Hood For Sale
Taking offers on a Hamilton Safeaire II Fume Hood. Appears never installed. Thermo Fisher Scient..
93751.10 руб.
HAMILTON V6500 Centrifuge For Sale
Integral aerosol and splash protection V7000 rotor Automatic shutdown when cover is opened Maint..
8676.32 руб.
HAMILTON V6500 Centrifuge For Sale
Hamilton Bell Vanguard V6500 CentrifugeItem ID: 90210 ..
0.00 руб.
HAMILTON Vanguard V6500 Centrifuge For Sale
Hamilton Bell Vanguard V6500 centrifuge ------The Hamilton Bell VanGuard V6500 centrifuge incorp..
8207.33 руб.
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