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CARL ZEISS 120 SL Slitlamp For Sale
This is a Zeiss 120 SL complete and working well, includes table top, power supply, mount, head..
0.00 руб.
CARL ZEISS 125/16 Slitlamp For Sale
Carl Zeiss 125/16 The Zeiss 125/16 or 100/16 Classic combines these benefits into a more afforda..
69879.51 руб.
CARL ZEISS 2240D/1300D O/R Camera For Sale
12897.23 руб.
CARL ZEISS 30 99 60 Microscope For Sale
Carl Ziess 30 99 60 microscope with Carl Ziess Fiberoptic Illuminator 2, Fottswitch and Carl Zie..
0.00 руб.
The unit is in perfect working condition. The printer is not included. ..
0.00 руб.
CARL ZEISS 304731-9901 Ophthalmology Chair and Stand For Sale
operating chair, model 304731-9901, manual, vg.cond. Model 304731-9901, mit Handbuch, sg.Zst. ..
93461.95 руб.
LOT OF 2 Carl Zeiss 306071 OPMI Drapes 122 X 300 cm ~ LOT OF 2 EXPIRATION DATE: 2018/02 0..
844.18 руб.
CARL ZEISS 344943 For Sale
Ziess Mediline Camera Control Unit. In good physical condition. Please call or email regarding p..
0.00 руб.
CARL ZEISS 4005592 Microscope For Sale
CARL ZEISS used Microscope It Comes with binocular head with two Zeiss CPL W 10x Eyepieces and ..
0.00 руб.
CARL ZEISS 48mm x 200mm OPMI Microscope For Sale
Zeiss 48mm x 200mm OPMI Surgical Microscope Lens We appreciate your business and strive to..
0.00 руб.
CARL ZEISS 50 Slitlamp For Sale
CARL ZEISS 50 slit lamp w/Laser Slitlamp in good working condition. This item powers up and func..
0.00 руб.
CARL ZEISS 50 T Beam Splitter Microscope For Sale
30 Day Warranty!! ..
46852.10 руб.
CARL ZEISS 599 Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale
proper working condition ..
281159.51 руб.
CARL ZEISS 599 Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale
proper working condition ..
0.00 руб.
CARL ZEISS 599 Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale
Zeiss 599 Auto Ref/Ker. Reconditioned by a Zeiss factory trained technician. ..
0.00 руб.
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