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FRIGITRONICS 2064 Cryosurgical Unit For Sale
Frigitronics 2064 Cryosurgical System in excellent physical condition. Please call or email rega..
0.00 руб.
FRIGITRONICS 7040 Cryosurgical Unit For Sale
Frigitronics 7040 Cryosurgical Probe (PRX11489)Frigitronics 7040 Cryosurgical Probe with needle ..
12897.23 руб.
Looking for the blue 2064 or 2063, CE82 or CE2000 or newer. Also any probes. ..
0.00 руб.
FRIGITRONICS CCS 200 Cryosurgical Unit For Sale
Frigitronics CCS 200 Cardiac Cryosurgical System in good physical condition. ..
0.00 руб.
FRIGITRONICS CCS200 CCS 200 Cardiac Cyrosurgical System For Sale
Runs off 4 9v batteries (not included) Came from working environment and lights up as..
15898.76 руб.
FRIGITRONICS CE2000 Cryosurgical Unit For Sale
Frigitronics CE2000 Cryo, like new. Cart available and probes. Please contact us for more inform..
0.00 руб.
FRIGITRONICS CT-82 Cryosurgical Unit For Sale
call for pricing ..
0.00 руб.
FRIGITRONICS X216W Light Source For Sale
For fiber optic cables on cyroprobes Call for pricing ..
0.00 руб.
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