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GOMCO 01-12-0405 Aspirator For Sale
41693.21 руб.
GOMCO 01-22-0270 Aspirator For Sale
The Gomco..
27904.91 руб.
GOMCO 01-22-3005 Aspirator For Sale
The Gomco AC Model 305 complies with UL 60601-1 standards for use in hospitals, nursing home f..
25106.91 руб.
GOMCO 01-31-6000 Pump Suction For Sale
39160.67 руб.
GOMCO 01-62-6036 Pump Suction For Sale
93563.51 руб.
GOMCO 1118 Pump Suction For Sale
This pump is designed exclusively for nursing institutions, physicians offices, and homecare set..
33579.68 руб.
GOMCO 1130 Pump Suction For Sale
Category: Surgery Device: Aspiration Pump Manufacturer: Cooper Surgical Model: 1130 Condition: A..
9379.80 руб.
GOMCO 1180 Pump Suction For Sale
This pump is designed elusively for nursing institutions, physicians offices, and home care sett..
22839.81 руб.
GOMCO 218 Pump Suction For Sale
The Gomco Model 218 breast pump offers the ultimate in personal control to help assure the gentl..
41833.91 руб.
GOMCO 270 Aspirator For Sale
Dealer/distributors only please. All equipment has been refurbished to PATIENT READY condition,..
0.00 руб.
GOMCO 270 Aspirator Wanted
We are looking to purchase PRE-OWNED Gomco 270 Portable Aspirators in functional and cosmeticall..
0.00 руб.
GOMCO 270 Pump Suction For Sale
The Gomco 270 is a tabletop aspirator designed for gastric drainage. It generates gentle suction..
30249.86 руб.
GOMCO 280 Aspirator For Sale
We have (3) each Gomco 280 Aspirators. Call or e-mail with any questions, or make an offer. ..
0.00 руб.
GOMCO 280 Pump Suction For Sale
Gomco Model 280 Tabletop Homecare Suction Aspirator is designed for general suction use in the h..
22839.81 руб.
GOMCO 300 AC Tabletop Aspirator For Sale
Portable Aspirators- Gomco portable aspirators are designed to provide suction that is available..
33485.89 руб.
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