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Healthcare in Russia. How to Cope with the Current Challenges

Healthcare in Russia. How to Cope with the Current Challenges
Производитель: ГЭОТАР-Медиа
Модель: 978-5-9704-2011-9
Цена: 126.00 руб.
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Авторы: Ulumbekova G.
Год: 2011
К-во страниц: 88
Переплет: мягкий
Полное название: Healthcare in Russia. How to Cope with the Current Challenges. Scientific background for "The Development Strategy of Health Care in Russian Federation toward the Year 2020" Ulumbekova G. 2011. - 88 с.: ил.

This edition presents a short version of the book published in Russia under the same title. It analyzes the demography and the current health status of population in Russian Federation during the last 30 years (in comparison with the original version, more data were included to cover the period to the year 2009). The current problems and challenges to public healthcare in the near future are considered in details and comprehensively illustrated with clear statistics. Based on this analysis and the published data on the results of healthcare innovations in Russia and other countries, the major guidelines, tasks, implementation mechanisms, and realization indicators of "The Development Strategy of Health Care in Russian Federation toward the Year 2020" are formulated. This book has been written for the healthcare managers, physicians, medical and economy teachers, and a wide strata of intelligent readers.
Chapter 1. Demography and Health Indices of Population in Russian Federation
1.1. Life expectancy at birth
1.2. Crude death rate
1.3. Cause-specific mortality distribution
1.4. Differences in LEB and CDR among population categories
1.5. Birth rate and aging of population
1.6. Aging of Russian population
1.7. Natural population dynamics in Russia
1.8. Disease rate in Russia
1.9. Disability of population
1.10. Occupational diseases and traumatism
Conclusions on demography and health indices in Russia
Chapter 2. Factors affecting population health in Russian Federation
2.1. The basic factors affecting population heath
2.2. Modus Vivendi
2.3. State Inter-Agency Programs on Health Protection
2.4. Welfare of Russian Community
Conclusions on the factors affecting population health in Russia
Chapter 3. Current status and activity of public health care in Russian Federation
3.1. Structure of public healthcare system in Russia
3.2. Healthcare funding system
3.2.1. Funding sources and amount of money
3.2.2. Interdependence between healthcare funding and population health indices
3.2.3. Personal expenditures on healthcare and medical aid
3.2.4. Spending on medicinal drugs and goods for ambulant therapy
3.2.5. Formation of LSP medical care spending and its distribution between medical service suppliers
3.2.6. Tariff policy
3.3. Healthcare personnel, material procurement, and its efficiency
3.3.1. Structure and the number of medical staff
3.3.2. Salary and qualification of medical personnel
3.3.3. Medical prevention institutes and their material and technical support
3.4. Integral assessment of public healthcare efficiency in RF
Conclusions on the current state and activity of the healthcare system in RF
Chapter 4. External challenges to the healthcare system in RF traced to 2020 year and expectations of the parties concerned
4.1. Economic challenges
Conclusions on the external challenges in the period to 2020 and expectations of the parties concerned
Chapter 5. Lessons from reformation of national and foreign public healthcare
5.1. The optimal balance between public and private spending on healthcare
5.2. The models of public spending for healthcare
5.3. How to advance training of medical personnel in healthcare system
5.4. The best model of public healthcare
5.5. The lessons of National Priority Project "Zdorovje" (Health)
Chapter 6. Analysis of proposals to reform the healthcare system in RF to 2020
6.1. "Conception of modernization of Russian healthcare system for the years 2008-2020" suggested by HSE
6.2. Suggestions of the World Bank on "Reformation of the healthcare system in RF in order to improve the
population health"
6.3. The project of "Conception of Healthcare Development until 2020"
Chapter 7. General Outline of Development Strategy
7.1. Cornerstone principles of Development Strategy
7.2. Targets of Development Strategy
Chapter 8. Directions of Development Strategy: Summary of Tasks
8.1. Improvement of healthcare funding system (Tasks 1-7)
8.2. Support of the healthcare system with staff, material, and technical resources (Tasks 8-13)
8.3. Improvement of organization of medical aid system (Tasks 14-22)
8.4. Enhancement of efficiency in the control of healthcare system (Tasks 23-30)
8.5. Actualization of the programs on healthcare protection (Tasks 31-39)
Chapter 9. Actualization order of Development Strategy
9.1. Peculiarities of actualization of development strategy during economic crisis
9.2. Directions of actualization of development strategy during economic crisis
9.3. Specificity of discussion on the development strategy
9.3.1. Ministry of Finances
9.3.2. Ministry of Economic Development, RUIE, and employers
Chapter 10. Expected results from actualization of Development Strategy
10.1. Effect of healthcare on economic development
10.1.1. Decrease of mortality in employable population
10.1.2. Decrease of disability days
10.1.3. Increase of employable age
10.2. Assessment of economic efficiency of healthcare investments
10.3. Benefits from realization of strategy for the parties concerned
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